[2022년 2월 25일 데일리홍콩] 근무하는 버블티 가게의 인스타그램 공식 피드에 정부의 방역 정책에 저항하는 글을 올렸던 여성 2명이 근무지와 가택을 수색 당한 후 국가안전부 요원에 체포되었다는 소식이다.

(출처: Bubble tea shop runners arrested by national security police over Covid posts

각각 21세와 24세인 이 두 여성은 정부의 방역 정책에 저항하는 다양한 방법을 공유하였다.

“Omicron has already turned into a flu… different parts of the world are canceling anti-epidemic policies and told citizens that they don’t need vaccination. No jab can prevent infection,”  the post claimed, despite vaccinations are still recommended in overseas countries. 

It said the government is insistent in launching a Hong Kong health code so that it can collect personal information of citizens. It is “revenging” Hongkongers.

The shop called upon people to avoid running into security guards when they go into shopping malls. They should use excuses such as buying takeaways so they can refrain from using the LeaveHomeSafe app. 

People are also urged not to upload their vaccinations onto the LeaveHomeSafe app, and to stop taking the second or third Covid-19 jab. 

For students who received vaccinations, they should “fake that they are ill, as much as they can,” the post called. 

They should fake illness so serious that they cannot attend classes, even online ones. Then their parents would feel pained and put pressure on schools, it said.

경찰의 수색결과 이들의 집과 가게에서 “디지털 감시에 저항하라”, “LeaveHomeSafe을 보이콧하라”는 포스터가 발견되어 결국 방역 규정 위반을 선동한 혐의로 체포당하였다.

(참고기사: 박해 받는 표현의 자유, 홍콩의 국가안전법 검열과 대한민국의 언론중재법)