Have you heard about Korea? It is located in the far East of Asia. Korean use a language called “hangul(한글)”, which literally means Han peoples’ language.

As Hong Kong is a global city with a lot of tourism as well (at least pre-CoVID19), I believe there are many Hong Kong people who already have learned or experienced Korean language before.

However, you would know that if you do not practice language you learned, you would forget it.

Myself too, I majored Japanese when I was a high schooler, but I now barely remember Hiragana and Katakana. So, we need to practice in order to keep the knowledge and not to be forgotten.

“Do you want to hone your Korean skills?”
“Tired of bureaucratic teaching style?”
“Do you want to learn RAW Korean?”

Great, I can help you.

As Korean native living in Hong Kong, I can help you attaining native level or improving your Korean with super cheap survival price. You tell me what you want, I will deliver to you, and you will sponsor my financial needs.

Contact me freely for quotation > jason@dailyhongkong.com

Teaching Method

One 2 One (Private, but group consultation or teaching also available)

Online Zoom or Offline Face 2 Face, as you please

Korean Speaking

Speak to me anything, and I will listen to you patiently, and guide you to speak as a native Korean. Korean pronunciation; from basic conversation to business speech such as presentation; making outbound call or answering inbound call

Case study: Understanding alphabets how to make a right pronunciation

Korean Writing

Business writing, handing documents. You write to me, I can give correction.

Case study: Reviewing inhouse CRM translation for the canned message and making corrections

Korean Reading

From basic reading to newspaper reading according to the student level, everything is personalized according to the student needs and level.

Case study: Book, magazine, or news article reading and discussion.

Korean Grammar

For formal documents and writings. Pick any Korean grammar book you feel familiar with and I will help you understand the essence.

Case study: Identifying keywords for document scanning in a machine learning solution


Contact me freely for quotation > jason@dailyhongkong.com

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Hello nice to meet you. I am Jason Kim who is practicing journalism from Daily Hong Kong, an online news advertisement portal based in Hong Kong.

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