(ENG) Vlog in Hong Kong 홍콩 일상 브이로그 | 노트북 고장나다, 집에서 공부 하고 요리를 만들다 | Cooking, studying and relaxing at home

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요즘 코로나 때문에 제가 대부분 시간을 집에있어요. 심심해 ㅠㅠ 그래서 공부 좀 시자하고 요리도 좀 해요 📚🍳여러분이 집에서 보통이 뭐 하세요??🧐

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How it is going? This is an August vlog. 🦋
I stay at home recently since there is a third wave of Corona😢 I have cook a lot at home in these days and pick up studying again.✨🙌🏻Also, I got many stuffs from Muji. 💡💬Tell me if you want me to make a Muji haul video, I’ll be glad to hear that!!! Hope you enjoy this video and see u later!! Take care everyone❤️❤️

Guys I also need your help to make the subtitle. Hope that you can write in your language and let more people understand the content!!! Thanks
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Instagram: aii._pia

Song : 샛별 – glimmering https://youtu.be/VqiCkmbBTBc
Song : 샛별 – 당근밭의 셀러리 / https://youtu.be/FqI9cM6fczU
Song : 샛별 – SOSO / https://youtu.be/i-XtdTSC2fI
Song : 샛별 – 좋은 점 / https://youtu.be/ejo2Yd6-o-w
Song : 샛별 – Lemon Cake / https://youtu.be/SYui4EhRLM8
Song : 샛별 – 너를 좋아하는 이유(The Reason I like you) / /https://youtu.be/JG6EREcrbLU

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