Way to Hong Kong International Airport during covid-19. The weather in HK is great at this moment and wanted to share with you all. I know a lot of people(including me🙋🏻‍♀️) wish to be flying right now. And here is a short video for you to check out HK airport today. Enjoy🤗

날씨가 너무 좋은 오늘, 홍콩 공항 오고 가는 길을 담아봤어요. 금요일이면 공항에서 출국하기 바빴던 때가 엊그제 같은데 벌써 반년이나 지났네요. 코로나로 변한 홍콩 공항의 모습이 궁금하실 분들을 위해 찍어봤어요🤗

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