(ENG sub) Vlog in Hong Kong 홍콩 일상 브이로그 | 분위기 좋은 까페,여름 구매한 옷 하울 | Cozy cafe & online shopping

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이번도 7월 브이로그 입이다. ㅜㅜ 오래만 커피.☕️이번에 두 café 가셨는데 the coffeeoloy 진짜 너무 좋아요. 👍🏻그리고 음식도 너무 짱이에요. 아주 추천합니다. 이번 여름 구매한 옷이 너무 맘에 들어서 파자마 하나 더 사고싶다🖤

이번에도 재밌게 보세용
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📍The coffeeology
Address: G/F No, 12 Yiu Wa St, Causeway Bay

How it is going? This is a July vlog. 🦋
Long time no coffee!!!! This newly opened cafe is really cozy and the food quality as well as the coffee are excellent (my own opinions). I’ll definitely go there again! Btw, the home wear is really comfortable for me and I am so in love with it!!! Gonna get one more set of it 🙂

Guys I also need your help to make the subtitle. Hope that you can write in your language and let more people understand the content!!! Thanks
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Instagram: aii._pia
Music: Biscuit –Prod. by Lukrembo.

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