(ENG sub) Vlog in Hong Kong 홍콩 일상 브이로그 | IELTS exam (mock & real) | 무인양품 쇼핑, 스위치를 널고 시염을 보다

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나는 IELTS 시험을 끝냈기 때문에 드디어 쉴 수 있다.

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I am having the IETLS exam in the recent day and do a lot of preparation for it. Hope I can have a good result. My brother bought the Switch so I play a lot and almost addicted to it. Any interesting game that you want to share with me?? comment below and I’ll be glad to hear you

Guys I also need your help to make the subtitle. Hope that you can write in your language and let more people understand the content!!! Thanks

Instagram: aii._pia

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